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Here are a few FAQ about working with us:

What is the company culture at GH&A like?

The culture at GH&A is professional but informal. All staff are very cooperative, making the atmosphere conducive to learning and excelling.

Does GH&A support students? Will I have to work late often, and can I have a life outside the office?

With several professional accountants (including CA’s, CGA’s, CMA’s and CPA’s) on staff, GH&A recognizes the value of designated accountants.

As an ATO (Approved Training Office), GH&A provides support to the students in several forms – work assigned is relevant to the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) module the student is working on as much as possible, students participate in student meetings  where mentorship is offered, an open-door policy exists allowing students to access the knowledge and experience of professionals at varying levels and with diverse backgrounds.

Employees who are interested in professional development which will contribute to their position at GH&A are supported through the payment of the course or program as well as the provision of time off to study and complete assignments.

How does GH&A support its CFE writers?

GH&A has developed a CPA PEP support program which represents our commitment to provide CPA PEP students with an individualized program to ensure that aspiring CPA’s have access to professionals and gain the knowledge necessary to complete the requirements of the CPA PEP and have success on the CFE. The program includes mentorship, practical experience and CPA PEP/CFE-specific preparation exercises.

For additional information on the CPA PEP Support Program at GH&A, please see our CPA student tab.

What kind of training does GH&A have for employees? How does the Professional Development process work?

GH&A provides informal training specific to the firm’s procedures in-house and covers the cost of external training and professional development that is relevant to the employee’s position with GH&A.

In the first year, the employee will receive training on a variety of accounting and file preparation software. Exposure to a range of tasks and reporting requirements accompanies the training provided.

Can I get career planning advice at GH&A?

GH&A Partners and Senior Managers would be happy to provide guidance related to the options available for different accounting careers, regardless of the employee’s level of experience.

What is a typical timeline for my career path at GH&A?

Our growing practice offers the opportunity for accelerated learning and exposure to more complex and challenging goals. The timeline for a career path at GH&A depends on the individual’s desire for career growth.

Is it beneficial to speak other languages?

GH&A deals with a number of Francophone clients so bilingualism is a benefit but not essential for a position within the firm.

I am an international student and wish to apply to GH&A. How should I apply?

All applicants are welcome to submit their applications for employment including a cover letter, resume, university transcripts (if applicable), and references.

What is the dress code at GH&A?

Employees are expected to dress in business attire Monday through Thursday. Employees may dress in business casual wear on Fridays for a donation of $2.00 per Friday to the social fund. However, they are expected to dress in business attire whenever they attend a client’s office or meet with clients in our office regardless of casual Fridays.

Why should I pick a small firm like GH&A instead of a midsize to big firm?

Since our firm is smaller, all employees have an opportunity to work on the type of assignments which interest and challenge them. There is more flexibility in how work is assigned. The student is also able to see a project through from inception to completion, giving a clearer picture of the whole process (vs. one section of a file for instance).

Students obtain a well-rounded experience at GH&A, which better prepares them for the Common Final Examination.

What is the best form to use for my resume?

A potential candidate should include a cover letter, resume, transcripts (if applying for a CPA PEP student position), and references, using Microsoft Word or PDF format.

What happens to my resume once I have applied?

All resumes are reviewed for potential current or future match with positions available at the firm. All resumes are kept confidential and on file for a period of six months.