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Student Support Program

This program represents a commitment by GH&A to provide students with an individualized program to ensure that aspiring CPA’s have access to professionals and gain the knowledge necessary to complete the requirements of their program and have success on the final examinations.

Key Success Factors

  • Mentorship: Knowledge, Case Writing
  • Time Commitment: Student must be committed to an increased workload approx. 15-20 hours per week
  • Practical Experience


Mentorship Program

  • GH&A has an open-door policy regarding assistance with module preparation, issues, and questions.
  • Case-writing development
  • Cases written in preparation for module exams will be marked, debriefed and feedback given regarding technical knowledge, issue identification, and overall case writing skills
  • Past student experience has proven this to be very important in developing solid, repeatable case writing skills

Student Meetings

  • Bi-weekly lunch meetings with all students discussing program issues and concerns that they may be having
  • Technical knowledge updates or refreshers
  • Each meeting includes a discussion surrounding an issue relevant to both core knowledge and specific topics within the individual programs

Time Commitments

  • GH&A recognizes that the program presents students with additional stress regarding module workload and time deadlines that will likely vary throughout each module
  • Weekly task completion can be done during office hours using accumulated overtime or the student can make-up the time taken
  • Three paid “study” days per module are granted to students to accommodate module and study needs
  • Additional time off without pay may be provided for module exams
  • All module and registration fees are paid by the firm upon successful completion of a module

Practical Experience

  • CPA PEP uses case simulations that are in many ways similar to the working environment and client base at the firm
  • GH&A and past students have felt that access to practical experience similar to these simulations is a very effective learning tool
  • Efforts are made to assign work that will support topics and the overall focus of a module
  • Communication skills valuable to case writing and becoming a professional accountant are developed through direct client relationships as students are expected to interact with clients and recognize their issues and needs
  • Students are encouraged to take on growing responsibilities, with opportunities for senior roles early on in the articling term